Zaha Hadid team has design the Stuart Weitzman’s several boutiques arround the world, here are her latest very personal store interior for the footwear designer.

Inside the shop we see how the footwear is treated as real jewel, being shown on a luxury forniture inspired in futuristic and organic shapes.

Sober and sophisticated colors are perfectly combined with metallic and gold tenes, predominant in the cental display element. Moreover, along the interior walls, we find a series of monochrome and modular shelves to expose more product.

6 Stuart-Weitzman-boutique-IFC-Hong-Kong-by-Zaha-Hadid_dezeen_ss.jpg

All boutiques are surrounded by glass walls to maximize the product visibility and the beauty of interior design.

In lighting, it has been very clean and smooth, creating a warm but rigorous environment, expression of luxury and exclusivity.