VENICE BIENNALE | The Awarded Spanish Pavilion

The Spanish creativity in times of crisis has been awarded this year with the Golden Lion in the Venice Biennale. In the past few years we have seen how the economic constraint has challenged architects to come up with more radical and intelligent design solutions.

Titled Unfinished, the pavilion presents a series of photographs of incomplete construction projects, alongside 55 recent buildings that demonstrate a range of solutions to working under budget cuts.

The exhibition is a direct response to Biennale curator Alejandro Aravena's request for architects to show work that responds to the major challenges in their countries as part of his theme, Reporting from the Front. 

Carnicero and fellow curator and architect Carlos Quintáns Eiras collected photographs by seven different artists of structures they describe as "contemporary ruins". These are displayed in the pavilion's central space on steel frames hanging for the ceiling, and range from major construction projects to small private houses and apartments.

Reappropriation focuses on the revival and reuse of abandoned heritage buildings like churches, industrial spaces and military complexes. These include the renovation of a Baroque palace in Palma de Mallorca by Flores & Prats and Duch-Pizá to create a new cultural centre.

Photography by Fernando Maquieira