TRIBUTE | Undulating pavilion

We love cool installations in which nature rules over architecture. But what we like most of all is when they are used for a whole year to perform new events of artistic production and research. A flexible, transparent and organic installation that's the new solution for The Fondation d’Enterprise Martell to host cultural activities.


The Spanish architecture firm SelgasCano has been responsible for the renovation of The Fondation d’Enterprise Martell's outdoor space.


The first project in France by the duo of José Selgas and Lucía Cano, this exterior pavilion is comprised of modules constructed from hi-tech materials, which will house specific activities prefiguring the Foundation’s future schedule of events. True to their aesthetic of transparency and openness to the outside world, the studio constructed the pavilion from a metal framework covered by a translucent material developed by a French brand.


Strong and watertight, the material is permeated by a soft, changing light which creates intriguing iridescent effects. Lightness and eco-sustainability, these are the keywords. SelgasCano decided to build a “transparent pavilion” using as little material as possible so that the entire structure would be easily disassembled and reused. I Fact, in 2018, the pavilion will be dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere in order to give it a second life.

With an area of 2,350 square meters, formed by a rectangle of 26 by 90 meters, it occupies the entire courtyard, a space in which its length stands out, and which also evokes the long trajectory of this company.


The structure features niches and nooks with different sizes that will host summer events like workshops and concerts. Also, for this reason, the designers chose an open, transparent structure allowing the flow of ideas and people. A space that can be explored and reinvented, giving inputs for play and creativity.
Inflatable seats installed in the structure, attached by straps, will allow visitors to sit, lean, or stretch out in the context of workshops, concerts, presentations, conferences, markets, games, moments of relaxation, wanderings, etc.

Images Selgascano and IwanBaan