TRIBUTE | Co-living space by Fabrica

At the studio we usually say that through design we can make a better world. That's why we always enjoy finding design projects related with social initiatives. Today we invite you to discover Fabrica's Space Scholarship: a design for equality, safety and education. 

Space Scholarship is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited, a leading property developer in Thailand, who commissioned to Fabrica the interior design of some condominium units in Bangkok.


The goal was to create a co-living space to seven students with financial difficulties. The aim is to enable communication and human relations, allowing the students to benefit from a shared personal life and grow in a sense of community, keeping elevate standards of quality, service and safety.


The apartment interiors have a dual purpose: they can be open or closed, depending if the students want to eat together or unfold the divider to study in privacy. The efficient use of space, hidden storage and practical nature of the furniture help the students to have an organized apartment.


The space is helping communication, human relationships, and the sense of community and the design promotes a sense of responsibility, independence, and the feeling of being at ‘home’.