TRIBUTE | Psychedelic labyrinth

Bold, bright and colourful design proposals took over our design feed and Camille Walala’s latest installation is an example of that. She has created for theNow Gallery in London's summer program a really fun and immersive installation called "Walala X Play" in which the New Memphis trend strikes back.

By combining stripes, dots and primary-colored backgrounds, the installation welcomes visitors to explore, inspect and enjoy a psychedelic labyrinth. An imaginative puzzle which invites the visitor to identify the inconsistencies between two otherwise identical images is a key part of this installation. With walls with different heights, passageways of different widths, enclosed spaces and curved and zigzag paths"WalalaX Play" invites visitors to linger and explore colour, shape and scale.

Visitors have to pass through the labyrinth and experience a range of spaces, some open, some tight and uncomfortable, some with dead ends. Some mirrored panels reflect the space back on itself; suspended shapes introduce a feeling of lightness and playful disorientation.

This installation is full of good vibes and good feelings thanks to the use of vibrant colours and bold patterns that stimulate the senses and inspires joy.

Images Charles Emmerson