TRIBUTE | Our highlights of Milan Design Week (PART 1)

Every spring we have a mark on the calendar that remember us the most exciting week for any designer-lover: Milan Design Week. What started in Milan in 1961 as a fair to promote Italian furniture design, has become an international event in the design industry.

 Milan Design Week takes over the entire city, including exhibitions all over the "design districts" and of course in The Salone del Mobile.

Best exhibitions at Salone del Mobile

We spent the last week in Milano enjoying every corner, now we're back and we'll like to share our highlights of the Salone del Mobile exhibitions. So soon we'll also go through the "Fuorisalone" best designs, so stay tuned to the blog!

- Walter Knoll & the modern furniture

We found this exhibition stand for Walter Knoll furniture, where the dark atmosphere created a warm space to visit.


Yellow, burgundy and blue plastics have a strong presence inside the area, changing your visual in the space when you're looking through them.


Also lighting fixtures were very carefully placed to enhance their tables, sofas and other furniture of the brand.  


- Lema & tendy design

At the central zone of the space we found  imposing and illuminated stairs that divide the main floor and the private area placed at the second floor.


Lighting makes the game praising the decorative elements placed on the shelving system. This was also one of the most trendy stand design we found, including lots of vegetation and wall papers with tropical inspiration.


We'll highlight the conceptual ambients designed for the stand like for example the dressing-room zone, decorated with patterns and sewing elements.


- Zanotta & its irregular ceiling

In this space stands out its irregular structure from ceiling to the cubicles where the products were exposed. The different cubicles mark out the route to follow along the space. In each ambient a decoration element repeats on the wall creating a pattern with a brief colour palette.


- Arper & the geometrical structure

One again Arper opted for the pine structure for its stand design. At the entrance you arrived to an open launch zone with some of their product exposed in there, and both sides you found all the different ambients, formed also by irregular shaped cubicles.


Designers played with straight and semicircular shapes to delimit all the areas. Each zone had a main colour combined with similar ones and we'll highlight the great application of graphics in this stand.

In the next post, more about Milan Design Week and our highlights of all the exhibitions we saw at "Fuorisalone". Stay tuned!