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We live in an area where we enjoy eating well, and a good reflection of it is the large number of restaurants and cooks with Michelin stars that there are by the area. Just a few kilometers from our offices, the latest collaboration between Francesc Rifé and Michelin starred chef Ricard Camarena, which is set in an industrial context of the 1930s, has been revealed. The former Bombas Gens factory that will integrate the restaurant has been rediscovered and converted into a center of art by the Foundation Per amor a l'art, promoter of the project.


Inside the restaurant, walnut wood is the predominant material, which contrast in turn with the concrete pavement, which visually softens the project and at the same time reminds the industrial past of the premises. The restaurant played with the heights, both with the existing ones of the old factory and with those that have been generated with the creation of spaces, in which greater verticality has been brought.

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The entrance, as a transitional space, hosts a composition of 10 pictures that transforms what could be a narrow passage to the restaurant in a key player that besides places the visitor in the artistic environment. Beyond the entrance, the restaurant expands between the tables up to a terrace that floods with natural light the whole space. During the day, a longitudinal opening, created to separate the restaurant from the adjacent building, allows the entrance of natural light.

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Walnut wood ceiling is achievable and includes a lighting system created specifically for the project. It is an optical illumination hidden in the ceiling that allows for lighting tables of 110 and 160 cm in diameter depending on the needs. As support for this technical lighting, several decorative luminaries have been placed along the room.

The bar is a restored structure with a maximum height up to 8 meters. Exposed brick and melis wood enclosures have been preserved in this area, used as waiting for space, aperitif and even reserved area for about 25 people.

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The design of the restaurant is in equilibrium with the gastronomic offer of Ricard Camarena: a pure kitchen, which visually seems bit complicated but transmits an infinite number of sensations. A space easy to read that hides many surprises.

Images David Zarzoso