TRIBUTE | Habemus Pavilion!

June is an exciting month to await, many things come together this month: great weather full of summer vibes, special frappuchino flavours, some of the best music festivals and, lastly but not least, the completion of the new Serpentine Gallery pavilion in London.

BIG founder Bjarke Ingels has unveiled a wall of translucent blocks that has been "unzipped" to create a curving, cavernous interior. As a contrast to last year's colourful chrysalis of translucent plastic created by Spanish duo SelgasCano, this pavilion is a hybrid between a building and a piece of furniture, so the wall is a giant shelf that you pull apart to create an interior space.

This year there is another great reason to visit the British capital. For the first time the pavilion will be accompanied by four Summer Houses, designed by Nigerian architect Kunlé Adeyemi, Berlin studio Barkow Leibinger, Paris-based architect Yona Friedman and British architect Asif Khan.

Visitors will be invited to climb up the exterior, but only as far as as a slender metal wire that acts as a barrier.

More info at their website.