TRIBUTE | Geometrical kinetic cakes

When architecture meets confectionery we can find this amazing and unique pieces made with chocolate and sugar. This work is the result of the collaboration between Ukrainian former-architect-turned-pastry chef Dinara Kasko with José Margulis, an artist from Miami.


These stunning geometrical kinetic tarts were designed specifically for SoGood Magazine, a collaborative effort with José Margulis. He creates different 3D sculptures, visual compositions of colourful plastic sheets which provided direct inspiration for Kasko’s edible interpretations. José works with curved shapes, volumetric geometries, transparencies and intense colours filtered through light, and plays with endless combinations in a continuum of coloured layers.


With the aid of 3D software and a workshop of 3D cutting/printing tools, Kasko converted sculptural forms —normally realized by Margulis using sheets of plastic, aluminium and acrylic— into an assemblage of edible layers comprised of sponge cake, streusel, almond cream, comfit, mousse and white chocolate.


Margulis’ main concern is the creation of geometric shapes conceived mostly by changing the perspective of the viewer accompanied by the philosophical notion that everything in life has diverse levels of narrative and spatial perceptions.


The resulting cakes are marvellously intricate, detailed to an almost upsetting degree. It's impossible to not fall in love with this wonderful little pieces of tarts.

Images: Dinara Kasko