At VXLAB we love to see brands, stores and artists collaborating together. The last project that caught our eye is the 30th Quantum Project by South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster. Together with the re-opening of the new Hongdae Flagship store, the brand has created an installation under the theme "Move out".  

The floating house is repeatedly separated and attached back together. And the kinetic shoes moves as if they are setting off to somewhere unknown. As for the rest of the store, the 2nd floor "Garden Room" is a space filled with plants, which leads up to the 3rd floor the "Moving Memories" where furniture and all sorts of objects holds the trace of time. Inside a place where the stories of the remaining and leaving collides, visitors experience the fantasy of becoming a traveler and a wanderer.

The Quantum Project presents a new evolution of commercial space by creating fast space that is redesigned every 25 days through collaborations with an extensive range of artists and brands.

Images from Gentle Monster.