TRIBUTE | Dreamlike bookstore

Did you ever think that a bookstore could blow your mind? Usually, when we think about bookshops we imagine boring old-fashioned stores in which books are displayed in shelves, but studio Wutopia Lab has designed this vibrant and stylish shop called Zhongshu Bookstore located in Suzhou.

Space has been divided into four main zones and several subdivided zones: The Sanctuary of Crystal for new arrivals; The Cave of Fireflies for recommendations; The Xanadu of Rainbows for a reading room; The Castle of Innocence for children books.

The Sanctuary of Crystal welcomes the visitors with a space full of books where they become leading products. These new arrivals are arranged on the pre-fabricated transparent acrylic shelves, outstanding the presence of the books. By using glass bricks, mirrors and acrylic, the room is a bright and airy space that reminds us a celestial space.

After the whiteness and lucidity of The Sanctuary of Crystal, The Cave of Fireflies is a darker tunnel connecting the main hall and the entrance. In this area, clientswill pick recommended books and follow the guide of optic fibers into the main reading area.

After a narrow corridor, The Xanadu of Rainbows is a huge open space. The large windows, allow natural light to tour inside the room. Taking advantage of the different heights of shelves, steps, and tables, the studio creates an abstracted landscape of cliffs, valleys, islands, rapids, and oases. The thin perforated aluminum sheets in gradient colours simulate the appearance of rainbows installed in the bookstore.

The perforated panels create different layers of scale and rhythm, dividing this area in communication and public activities, reading areas and also a secret camping site.

At the end of The Xanadu Rainbows the space surrounded by white ETFE walls is the children books area. With the translucent ETFE , The Castle of Innocence is an inner world inside the bookstore. This space has everything for kids, the studio has built a world where children can interact with each other and with the bookstore itself.

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