TRIBUTE | Art for a change

Usually, the landscape of our cities is dyed in gray scale, for this reason, we love when the city’s picture card changes from the cold and dull gray to this great colour explosion. With a collaborative process which involved the community of neighbours and the students of the local design school, Boa Mistura team believes in art for a change, as a tool to transform the street and to create bonds between people.


Among200-300 litres of epoxy paint have been necessary to give life to an area of 1.200 square. The team wanted to represent some of the most iconic elements of San Millán (Segovia) that have been lost over the years by using only colour and abstract shapes.


The starry night takes us to the witches who were always believed to inhabit San Millán (known as the "Witches neighbourhood"). The blue rings represent the Clamores river, buried under the same square years ago.

The red shades speak about the yarn and brick industry, which was the main engine of the San Millán economy back in the days.The green rings represent the orchards that, in the origins of the neighbourhood, occupied the greater part of its surface.


For Boa Mistura it has been an enriching process talking to neighbours who have lived in the neighbourhood for more than 40 years. Knowing their history first hand and translating it into colours and shapes. Due to the singularity of the square, this project has taken them practically a year to design it.

The aim of the artistic work done Boa Mistura around the world is to revitalize different spaces and create new stories with the history of the neighbourhoods so that its inhabitants feel proud of the place where they live.

Images: Boa Mistura