TRIBUTE | A Sky Garden in Istambul

Public installations are more than mere decoration on the street. Sometimes they serve a purpose and even question the use of public space. This is the case of the recently completed Sky Garden in Istambul by studio SO?.

Regarding this, the architects say: “We consider public installations as a tool to question the architect’s power over design. When the visitor is able to change the installation, the architect is no longer able to control the form, up to a certain point. For us, it is a challenging experience to expand the borders of control even with small gestures like in this project, while the temporary installation urges to transform an established public space.”

Sky Garden is a suspended garden in Ortaköy Square. Based on the existing ground in the square, this garden with various plants, provides seating and shadow during the festival. Being suspended, the garden acts as a roof which people can stay under and watch Bosphorus. Just like a tree with different branches, the garden flies between the sky and the Bosphorus with each pot, while the pulley system lets the pots go down for a closer look of visitors.

More on the project at their website.