TRIBUTE | The Mobile Art

You may have noticed we talk a lot about Zaha Hadid. Well, there’s more.

The last 5 years have been a non-stop travel for The Chanel Contemporary Art Container: The Mobile Art. It started with Hong-Kong, and traveled across New York, Tokyo, and Paris, where it seems to have found its place.

The pavilion was commissioned by Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel head designer. And it’s been inspired by one of Chanel’s creations: the quilted bag.


The built is complex, made with dynamic and fluid spaces, designed with cutting-edge technology, and organic shapes that allow the building to be dismantled and reassembling it with ease. It is necessarily nomadic, as you may have noticed since it’s been traveling across the world the last few years.


The façade is built with fibre re-inforced plastic. The roof with PVC and the primary structure with 74t steel and aluminium. 

The round, bubbly shapes give the building a great sensation of perspective and throughout the 700 sqm of walking space the visitors can enjoy both natural and artificial, or even colored lighting while they visit the facility. 

In our opinion, it is one of the most interesting buildings to visit, despite of being almost 5 years old.