TRIBUTE | PNY Hamburgers and design, a love story

PNY has a new burger restaurant designed by CUT Architectures, a Parisian firm born in 2008, and since then they have worked with each other 3 times. But this one was different.

On their previous works the looks were so industrial, so serious, that when you entered the burger place you forgot you where in a burger restaurant. That’s not a bad thing at all, but we like this latest one the most. 

The restaurant is all about high quality meat and ingredients, it’s a restaurant after all, not some junk food place. The first project stablished the relationship between New York and Paris cultures, with steel and copper structures, like if the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty had a son. It was a hybrid between a Broadway theatre, with black ceilings and lots of lights, and white tiles, Paris-style. 

It was a hit, and they decided to work again with them, designing a second PNY burger restaurant. This second one was slightly smaller, but kept the black and white aesthetics. But it represented a more urban and alternative look, black spray painted walls on the façade, brick walls inside, and cement floors. And to muffle the sound produced by such hard materials, they installed sound barriers to ensure the comfort of the customers. And light. Lots of light.

But the third one. Well, the third one is completely different. The stayed with the stainless steel, the expanded metal fences and the exposed brick and cement. And they painted it in pastel colors. The third restaurant is basically a pink and baby blue version of the previous two. It’s much more hamburger-like than the previous ones, and it’s beautiful. 

If you decide to avoid looking at the colors, it’s just an industrial build. There are unfinished walls and a lot of stainless steel lamps, fences and railings around the dining spaces and the stairs. But then again there’s a lot of natural light, plants and pastel colors. It's much more playful, more childish in a way. That also gives the restaurant –and the brand– another aura. 


There’s no accounting for taste, but we really enjoyed the difference between this one and their previous works. We think that this last one represents the most the idea CUT Architectures started from: doing something different to what it was being done in their city, even what they had done before.