TRIBUTE | Ekklesía by Pink Intruder

Valencia is not only Fallas and Paella.

But, with the Valencian festivity en mind, Pink Intruder designed The Ekklesía Pavilion. A structure made entirely of cardboard and wood –flamable materials, fyi– with the purpose of investigating how big this type of building could be built, and also transferring the traditional values to a contemporary and modern construction. 

The tubes that conform the structure are, indeed, cardboard. But they look like metal, giving it an industrial look. It is also build on top of a mosaic made with 96 thousand pieces of wood. And it is located in the heart of Valencia. 

The Ekklesía was the principal assembly of the democratic greek society and, this structure, was meant to be a temple where citizens could meet. 

The mosaic design was based on Nolla Mosaic ceramics, from middle 20th century. It represented the innovation on a traditional context: always keeping in mind the heritage. It was also a participatory project “made in different workshops with children at risk of social exclusion and various neighborhood associations.”

Below, you can watch a video provided by Pink Intruder with the process followed to accomplish this building. 

PS: Of course, it was burned in the Cremà.