TRIBUTE | Paris’ Palais de Tokyo’s Baitogogo

It may sound like a tongue-twister, but is actually a tree-like plywood-twister. If that makes any sense.

Designed by the Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveria, the Baitogogo sculpture is a giant artificial tree installed in an exhibition space.

It looks like tree branches, mixed with seemannsknoten (sailing knots), all made with wood-looking, plywood material. 

The objective was to create a natural Gordian Knot, that invaded the whole exhibition. In fact, it seems like it’s growing from the structural architecture of the grid of columns in the Palais de Tokyo.

The materials, mostly plywood, were collected by Henrique Oliveria from Sao Paulo construction sites, where he live.

The branches and strips are nailed together with the installation structure, and shaped to look line bark and wood.

The installation is no longer available to see, since it finished last September, but you can have a look at the photos and experience the making of with this video.