For a long time, OFFF festival has been one of the main design events of the year. During the three days of the festival, we had the chance to meet many inspiring speakers.

For those of you who missed a visit to the OFFF Festival, here's our summary of the best and most memorable moments.

The most awaited: Lance Wyman

Different generations of creatives, unified by a deep-seated respect were waiting until the last day of conferences to meet Lance Wyman. The 79-year-old New York-based graphic designer Wyman ran through his life and work, which has transformed cities and public spaces across the world through the power of iconography. He became an icon in branding thanks to his work for the Mexico’s 1968 Olympics and Paralympics branding, among other projects like the transformation of the metro system in Washington.

He spoke at Offf about his career, explaining how a personal letter addressed to him by 1940s Hollywood actor and a black-and-white campaign poster he created when he ran for class president at the school, were what truly kickstarted his career as a designer.

Images: Lance Wyman and OFFF 

A true character: Gary Baseman

Gary Baseman headed the 17th edition of the OFFF Fest. The renowned North American plastic artist Gary Baseman and his exploration of the "beauty of bittersweet life" was in charge of leading this year's line-up.

He talked about the story of his influential family heritage, upbringing, and many life experiences that had subconsciously shaped his art and career over the years. We knew more of its macabre and surrealist aesthetic, combined pop imagery with vintage motifs, psychological archetypes, and mythological and literary characters. Baseman went through his most recognised works as Teacher's Pet (an animated series of Disney and carried out by Spot, a dog with great mental and intellectual abilities) and the process behind some of his publications for New York Times, Rolling Stones, Wall Street Journey, etc.


Images Gary Baseman and OFFF 

Get your cameras ready: Vallée Duhamel

As we already mentioned last week, Vallé Duhamel was in charge of OFFF’s main titles.  Vallée Duhamel is a Montreal creative studio founded by Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel, they described their work as “High-class lo-fi”. Julien and Eve stand out for their audiovisual productions of excellent quality and highly creative and experimental environments.

Besides presenting OFFF's Main Titles during their talk, they introduced their works for Samsung and Google, a beauty of manual work for some delicious visual pieces. The last and final act involved their audience, by having each one of the attendants preparing 2.000 paper planes to be thrown at the same time. It was definitely the most Instagrammed moment of the event.

Images Vallée Duhamel and OFFF