Tribute | Montero, personality made a restaurant

 Montero is a restaurant located in Saltillo Coahulia, a traditional northern city of Mexico.

Montero’s regional cuisine and its location -in one of the Mexican deserts- made this restaurant create a new contemporary brand and a new design that suits better the current needs; a new brand that could represent Montero’s services and products.

The project was developed in a traditional Mexican colonial building, making possible the preservation of the architectural style.

The interior design was created by using elements and materials from the area so that the consumer could be introduced into the region’s environment. At the same time, different modern elements are mixed, creating a combination between the building’s structure and the classic concept that breaks with the idea of modern concept. All of this made possible the creation of a contemporary design that represents perfectly Montero’s current cuisine.

The rustic materials used for the walls, the furniture and the floor match perfectly with the simplicity and the cleanliness of Montero’s graphic image (the common desert fox).

Different geometrical elements are also used in certain furniture pieces as angulations that take the restaurant to that point of modernity.

The simplicity and good detail-oriented structure of Montero creates a wide and fluid space where guests can enjoy a perfect culinary integrity in the area with the current design.