A few weeks ago our team headed to the 56th Milan Design Week. During these days of exhibition, we assisted to conferences, exhibitions and stunning installations. This year we were really attracted by the astonishing Lee Broom’s “Time Machine”installation at Ventura Centrale district.

British designer Lee Broom celebrated its tenth anniversary with a unique and immersive installation set inside a raw and an unfinished space vault in the famous and historic Milano Centrale train station, this space has remained closed off to the public almost thirty years.

Time Machine installation consisted in an elegant white carousel containing the iconic Lee Broom’s product designs over the past 10 years. We could contemplate his Bright On Bistro chair from 2008, Carpentry Console from 2009, Crystal Bulb designed in 2012 and Drunken Side Table from 2015. All of his designs had been reimagined in a completely white colour palette to create a sense of uniformity.

The carousel rotated to represent the evolving life cycle the brand has journeyed throughout the past decade. The dark space was lit only by the carousel provoking to us many emotions, from astonishment to attention and curiosity. It was a pleasure to observed the white carousel moving slowly with Lee Broom’s iconic pieces.

The centrepiece of the installation was the Time Machine grandfather clock, made from a monolithic block of Carrara marble.

Images from Lee Broom