The technological innovation and the way in which the new creations approach the environmental sustainability were other of the subjects tat we observed during the fair.

We were delighted to visit and enjoy the incredible spaces that were created for Euroluce. Here are our top 4:

Barovier & Toso

Calvi Brambilla created a multimedia installation for Barovier&Toso in which fire was a clear protagonist. Seven giant rounded niches, when seen from outside, offered a view only of the back, captured our curiosity. The images flames suggested the genesis of glass. Once inside, each niche contained a new collection on a panel of white drapes, like a precious chest for jewellery. The immersive installation has a fluid itinerary where we discovered the collections inside the niches.

Images from Euroluce and Barovier & Toso


Space designed by Italian architect Ferruccio Laviani. This exhibiting booth represented the company's philosophy, the designer created a space which combined the two sides of the company: creativity and technological research. The company represented by the design of the booth was a "dual" Foscarini, seen from the inside and from the outside. An accurate and memorable exterior gave way to a more intimate and playful interior containing large glass display cases almost like a museum exhibit, that contained all the new creations of famous and up-and-coming designers.

Images from Foscarini

Louis Poulsen

Inspired by Japanese paper art, this beautiful space was designed by Gam Fratesi. The design studio reflected their inspiration into the architecture of the stand, walls seemed to be made of paper and stairs decorated the space. Flanked by two PH Artichokes and a vast tree, the entrance set the scene, showcasing the Danish design tradition that defined Louis Poulsen.

The stand folded like paper and invited us to explore the space and observe how the space was influenced by the light shadows

Images from Loise Poulsen


It was an achievement getting inside the stand, everybody wanted to visit the magnificent architecture designed by Calvi Brambilla.

Once inside the extraordinary stand, we discovered room after room different spaces with minimalist but dynamic geometries. In some spaces, the walls seemed to be animated like curtains. During the tour, we could observe the different pieces of international designers such as Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Philippe Stark, Konstantin Grcic, etc.

Images from Flos