MILAN'16 PICKS | The Restaurant by Ceasarstone & Tom Dixon

When designing a restaurant we always talk about the experience, not only the space. As consumers we value everything that happens around a meal, which is much more than just the food: the service, the atmosphere, the company... Tom Dixon - in collaboration with Ceasarstone- knew this and re-design our whole interaction with food in his latest installation during Milan Design Week: 'The Restaurant'

'The RESTAURANT' consisted of four conceptual kitchens inspired by the elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Set within the backdrop of a 17th century Cloister encircling a public garden and a deconsecrated church, each of the four sections of the cruciform-shaped complex introduced a different range of Caesarstone’s designs, combined with Tom Dixon-designed dining halls and products, each kitchen featured a variety of colours and materials that complement the mood and atmosphere of each specific element.

Food by Italian studio Arabeschi di Latte is prepared in three of the kitchens and whisky is offered from the other, while demonstrations showing cutting-edge cooking techniques and food preservation methods are also incorporated into the show.

“In Milan this year, we wanted to collaborate with Caesarstone to inspire architects and designers through a radical interpretation of how food and surfaces can interact in different ways, delivering a food experience that challenges all the senses in an exercise of materiality, luminosity and texture. Reflecting on the four medieval elements, we have created totally distinctive smells, tastes and visual experiences within each room.” Tom Dixon.