On our last day in Milan we managed to squeeze some time to visit an exceptional installation by Citizen, in which they presented their most iconic timepieces of the past 50 years. After their previous outstanding exhibition in 2014 "Light is Time", we knew the rushed visit would be worthy. 

On Citizen's second participation in Milan Design Week, the company paired again with Tsuyoshi Tane from DGT. To pursue the fundamental theme of “time” through “watches,” Mr. Tane challenged one more time the concept of “time” as “space.”

Time contains many individual moments, including one we call “Now.” It has never been possible to make time stand still. Though people and physical objects grow old and eras fade away, time is always new. It always keeps moving. Keeps changing. It comes, and it goes. This ever changing flow of individual moments is what we know as “TIME.”
The "time is TIME" installation is a deep exploration of time where visitors can experience “now” and the “future.”

Photograps from Andrea Astesiano for Domus.