TRIBUTE | Lucy Williams

Everybody loves hyperrealistic architecture pictures, but what about hyperrealistic architecture paper cutouts?

Lucy Williams is a British artist who makes vibrant paper cutouts of twentieth century modernist buildings and interiors so realistic they might look like photographs. 

She has replicated Pierre Chareau's Maison de Verre, the façade of Mies Van Der Rohe's Seagram Buildingand, indoor pools, apartment blocks, and even an old dining hall.

She starts by drawing a detailed blueprint from a photograph and then starts to layer her pieces of paper, wool, cotton, plastic and gravel; from back to front, ”you have to have a sense of what you're making in reverse, and the image emerges at the end of the process” said Lucy Williams.

You can buy, or give as a gift, the book with her work from Roads for 40€ (£40/$70).