TRIBUTE | A new culinary experience.

Fine dining meets rock and roll. Under this motto, the designer Piet Boon, with the help of the chefs Sergio Herman and Nick Bril, has created a new concept of restaurant transforming the chapel of a former military hospital in Antwerp, (Belgium) in the restaurant The Jane, a gastronomic destination that combines elite kitchen and rock aesthetics.

The designers decided to preserve the structure and most of the original materials and elements of the church, such as the floor mosaics and the vaulted ceiling. Thus, the modernity merges perfectly with the classicism of the place. 

In addition, the passion for working with pure and rich materials which the designer and the two chefs shared, is expressed in the inside of the building, as they used materials like stone, leather and oak wood.

The place. The Jane consists of a dining room that takes up the main room of the church and a bar called The Upper Room, located upstairs.

The kitchen is placed where the original altar used to be. It looks like a showcase as it is totally glazed, so that customers can see what the awared cooking team is creating for them. 

The Jane5.jpg

The PSLAB studio was in charge of designing the enormous chandelier that hangs from the restaurant ceiling. With more than 150 bulbs, 800 kilos and a surface of 9 by 12 meters, it is a huge contribution to the intimate and divine atmosphere of the chapel and the grandeur of the space.

The stained glass windows of the chapel have also been modernised. Images of Jesus on the cross alternate with ice creams, sunflowers, skulls, croissants, penguins, gas masks or birthday cakes.

We are not very fond of the church, but this new concept convinced us!