TRIBUTE | Gran Fierro: Argentina moves to Prague

If you like cold weather, good restaurants, and tasty meat, you’ll definitely want to go to Gran Fierro: an argentinean restaurant located in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic.


Yeah, we know, an argentinean restaurant in Prague? It may seem unusual, but in the moment you enter the place, you’ll feel like home –if you happen to be from Argentina, if you’re not then you’ll feel like you are in Argentina.

The interior is decorated in a way that reminds you the raw materials from Juan Cruz’s motherland, the argentinean owner. The tables are made of heavy wood and steel, and the chairs and benches are a mix of wood, metal and leather.

The details are argentine-based. The lights are soft and covered with wicker and vines. Some of them have the same industrial look of the restaurant, but with a warm, natural touch. 

The customer has two great spaces to be, a large, wide, well illuminated bar, to have some beer or soft beverages, sit and talk with your companions; and a more private, intimate and dark dining room, where you can focus only in the meat, or also in your ‘plus one’. 

The kitchen is always in-sight from anywhere in the restaurant, so you’ll know that the cooks are doing a great job just before you taste it. And since the two spaces are divided by the decoration, you won’t have to worry for having your dinner disturbed. 

The decorations on the wall are very… bovine. There are backlighted cow shapes, leather chair backs, stable-looking wood and even a bicycle seat with bull horns. 

It is located in Prague, where the weather is really cold. But when you enter the place you’ll fell warm again. You’ll enjoy the decoration and the ambience, designed by Formafatal. And you’ll almost definitely enjoy your meal.