TRIBUTE | Gaspar ❤️ Vejer

Gaspar Sobrino is the favorite son of a little town in Cádiz, Spain. And you need to be very good at something to be the favorite son of a little town in Cádiz.

He arrived there three years ago and fell in love with Vejer, where he decided to live, relax and get inspired. He defines his relationship with the village as “magic”.

He felt like he had to return to the town everything they had done for him, so he got involved in the renovation of one of the most important marketplaces and designed the stage for the Velada de Agosto (August Evening Event), the most important celebration of Vejer de la Frontera.

He has also worked for some local shops, like a restaurant, a bar and an old grocery store. In each and every of his projects he has always kept in mind the local architecture and identity, representing the nature, lights and shadows of its surroundings. 

Vejer became an aesthetic example of the Spanish province architecture and tradition. His work was so important for the town that the City Hall decided to name him ‘Favorite Son’ of Vejer de la Frontera.

Gaspar Sobrino tries to represent that magic he felt the first time he visited Vejer de la Frontera, the town’s heritage and of course the life present in all of his projects. 

Photos by: El Hedonista, El Colmado & Nuevo Estilo