TRIBUTE | The European Capital of Culture

A gesamtkunstwerk, indeed.


Pilsen has recently been named the European Capital of Culture of the year 2015. And that means two things: in the one hand, Pilsen is going to receive millions of tourists; and on the other hand, we can enjoy top-level design.

And the crown jewel of this year is Domus, the pilgrimage site of contemporary design. It was designed by Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek, founders of the design team Křehký: a Chzech brand dedicated to traditional handicraft and applied arts with a modern touch.

The exposition was created hand by hand with lots of colaborator desginers with the same idea in mind: creating the ultimate pilgrimage place for modern and radical art and design trends. These designers where Werner Aisslinger, Jiří Příhoda, or Henry Wielgus amongst others.

The primary looks is from an industrial, greenhouse looking deposit –literally, it is green. It has a metal and glass structure and is the modern interpretation of a chapel-workshop. 

It has details that go over all of Pilsen history, like Skoda, beer, football, weeping Virgin Mary and other, representing past, present and future of Pilsen’s culture. 

It also shows topics related with sustainable development, water, or baroque mysticism. It has a total of “five rivers” where all the art pieces are.

A gesamtkunstwerk is the total work of art. It’s supposed to mean that each and every part of the construction is designed to complement the other. That an artist has to work with different materials, and with other artists at the same time.

Pilsen’s Domus is the total work of art. It’s built with a lot of different matterials, from steel to glass and wood. It’s been built by a lot of different desginers. And it showcases a lot of different objects made for fulfilling  several uses and displaying several tastes. 

And it actually looks stunning.