Tribute | Divino, second generation wine producers

Divino is located in the heart of Budapest (in Hungary). This bistro represents the second generation of wine producers. The place has a dynamic and modern concept and permits the guests not only to enjoy Divino’s contemporary cuisine, but also its good quality wine.

Divino’s decoration achieves warmth thanks to the use of natural materials such as wood and the contrast of wood with geometrical elements that are common in minimal and cold environments.

The asymmetric shapes of Divino’s structure, as with the selves, permit a varied positioning of the wine bottles. This helps Divino achieve a significant dynamism and visual movement. 

Divino’s lighting, as with its shapes, contrasts with not only the place’s lamps overloaded with a classic nature but also with the contemporary lamps that have more modern shapes. This makes Divino achieve a perfect personal and welcoming environment for a little moment of a good culinary experience.

The use of materials such as wood make the guests relate Divino with the traditional character of wine production and it also reminds them of certain elements such as the cork used  in wine bottles.

In short, we can affirm that Divino achieves an intimate space that connects traditionality with contemporary design elements in a private space that, at the same time, breathes and transmits its own personality.