A new restaurant in Barcelona. This time, the chefs Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas bet on 'Disfrutar’, a place for having fun, with innovative dishes and in a modern, informal and fun environment.

"In Barcelona, everything is bonded to the Mediterranean”. Under this idea, the interior design finds its identity in the ceramics of different formats as the key element of decoration and the leitmotiv between different spaces impregnated of Mediterranean essence and contemporary cooking. It appears sometimes on the wall and others on the lattices built to separate spaces. Glazed tiles and mosaic floors with white and blue tones, which remind us the Mediterranean sky and sea, can also be found.

Ceramics accompanies us along the tour. But in each space it is transformed into a new material that helps to provide every zone with singularity.

The restaurant is organized in three spaces. The first one works as a waiting area and it has a bar for twelve diners and six tables. This zone looks for more urban references, such as the Ninot market metallic structures and colorful ceramics.

In the kitchen, located in the middle of the local, we find the ceramics in its raw form, bricks in its original red color.

Crossing the kitchen, we get to the main dining room that transfers us to a more natural environment. White colors predominate over the walls, ceilings and floors, transporting us to a Mediterranean village.