TRIBUTE | The Triple-A, Triple-C Brewery

You can drink beer at a former police station, how ironic is that?

The legendary district of Güemes, in Córdoba, Argentina, now has a new gastronomically intended place to gather, chat and drink beer. In fact, if you don’t love beer, but you love architecture, you should totally go there anyway, because it is also a reformed police station.

It is a modern and industrial mix, with concrete walls and floor, both inside and outside the place. And together with the big pieces of glass on the windows and the red painted steel beams and pipes it makes a beautiful, original, eye catching exterior façade, with a rusty 7 meters tall chimney, and interior decoration. 

The red color scheme gives a contrast and dynamic look to the brewery. Red and steel are present along every inch of the building. With the exposed pipes and the leather of the seats, and the structure of the windows and the tables. They certainly stuck with the idea and delivered it perfectly.

Capitán Central Cervecera (CCC) has been designed by Bar Makers (great naming, by the way) and has been directed by Guillermo Cacciavillani. And his creative view of the materials has extended even to the signage, where we can see concrete giant letters and neon words stuck inside the walls. 

The building has 600 sqm, divided in two floors. The connexion is achieved by a concentric staircase that looks like a toboggan, reinforced by red steel sheets. Both the first floor and the upper level have outside spaces where customers can enjoy their beer and the weather, or the panoramic views of the Güemes district skyline. 

It is a really good looking, and even better designed brewery. It makes the perfect place for both beer and architecture enthusiasts. So you can just imagine how happy I am.