TRIBUTE | Camper Together but not in each other's pocket

The new Camper store in Brazil is a piece of pure beauty.

It’s based on the Brazilian festivities, where the environments are created with different color stripes, and adapted to fit the image of Camper, a world famous, high quality, Spanish based shoes brand. 

The color stripes are completely red, and completely formed by hundreds of shoe laces falling from the ceiling, forming various shapes and spaces with different heights and densities.

Camper Together is a new sub-brand, where Camper colaborates with leading designers to create exclusive products and stores. This one is designed by Atelier Marko Brajovic, a Brazilian-Spanish based agency. 

The interior of the store is completely white, with soft, intense lights that helps the customers navigate throughout the spaces. But the ceiling, with all the shoe laces hanging, is what contributes to give the store that classic red look from Camper.

The floor plan is fairly simple, but the creativity of the decoration is what makes this store special.

In fact, it was such a great success, that the agency has designed the new store in Melbourne, perfecting the technique. You can check the new store here.