TRIBUTE | The Grand Bar Luce

ou may know Wes Anderson, the Academy Award winning film director. He does cinema, great cinema, full of color, and symmetry, and fun. But he also designed a Café Bar for the Fondazione Prada.

And, unlike his movies, it is not symmetrical. But it is indeed full of color and fun. Pastel color schemes and dark wood panelling give it that 1950-60s look, and the furniture-crowded areas give the place a warm touch.

It has the atmosphere of a typical Milanese café, a “real life café”, where he “would want to spend his own non-fictional afternoons”.

It is a very Anderson-esque place, and it would make a great movie set, even the bathrooms. 

It opened last weekend and will be open every day from 9am to 10pm, like a normal café. For normal people.

Photos by: Fondazione Prada, Sissi, Elena Braghieri, Fabrizia Compagna, YiYi Han & Claudia Zalla