Kumbrach, a small town in Australia, decided to start a project of modern architecture given the need to strengthen its tourism sector. In this way, the idea of transforming seven bus stops into creative and unique works of art in the world, was born.

The cultural organization of Kumbrach proposed the idea to seven architects of international status in exchange for a peaceful holidays in this natural place. They all agreed.

Alexander Brodsky (Russia) presented a watchtower of wood with an attic to enjoy the landscape of the valley. Below, there is a corner to converse.

Rintala Eggertsoo, from Norway, built a lookout to observe the surroundings from de top.

Vylder Vinck Taillieu, of Belgium, proposed this original bus shelter that consists of a simple metal sheet bent towards the ground.

García-Abril and Ensamble Studio (Spain) played with wood strips creating a refuge.

The Chilean, Smiljan Radic, presented this transparent room created with crystal. A birds´ house is located at the top.

Wang Shu and Wenyur, from China, also used light wood to create this kind of open cube.

Finally, the Japanese Sou Fujimotos design simulated a bamboo forest through white woods with wooden seats interspersed between them.

A bet on architecture, modernity and innovation. Seven bus shelters that help to promote tourism and to choose this public transport.

You will love waiting the bus in these design works!