Copenhague continues with his project to improve the infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. This time, with the Cirkelbroen bridge`s inauguration, designed by the artist Olafur Eliasson and donated to the Danish city by the foundation Nordea with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyle in Denmark.

Eliasson said he was inspired by his childhood in Iceland, where his father was a sailor. "While I was working on the bridge, I recalled the fishing boats I saw as a child in Iceland. In the harbour, the boats were often moored right next to each other, and it sometimes seemed that you could even cross the harbour just by walking from boat to boat".

Cirkelbroen is a testimony to that history.

The bridge has been built with five circular platforms in zigzag, each one with a mast to remember the memory of a sailboat. With 40 meters long, it crosses the Christianshavn`s canal and joins the cycling network that connects to the harbour.

A connection between new spaces that invite people to walk, ride a bike or running. A meeting point close to the sea to rest, think about and admire the city`s landcape.