VXLAB | Once again nominated for the German Design Awards!

We're coming with really good news! Once again we've been nominated for the German Design Awards in the "Fair & Exhibition 2019" category. We received a letter from the German Design Council highlighting one of our projects and inviting us to present it to the German Design Awards 2019. This time, the organization put their eyes on our stand design for Finzzi, the new surfaces brand launched this year at Domotex 2018 (Germany).

Our design captures the attention with its impressive height and also with the three mockups placed at the outside inspired on Finzzi's brand identity and its connections with the Italian knowhow. Three scenes that reflect the new brand's values: cinema, literature and Italian tailoring to express the innovation, creativity and design that characterize Finzzi.

Discover more about the project in our portfolio


We're really excited with the nomination and we want to thank the organization to take our work in count for this international design recognition for another year. Our subscription has been sent and now we can only wait for the jury to decide the winners of each category. Wish us luck!

VXLAB | Bigger team, bigger space: our new studio

The new office is so far the biggest change for us in this 10th anniversary year. Some weeks ago we moved to a new location in the city centre and you could already see the details on the grand opening we organised.

Now, we're excited to share all the corners of the space where "design direction" happens. 


The new studio was designed by the architects and interior decorators within our team, and that's why it absolutely reflects our taste... When you get in, you can feel that this new workspace represents us 100%: black & white combinations, timeless and minimalistic aesthetic.


The colour touches appear in specific locations due to the decoration elements of the studio, and on the walls where you find the poster campaign for our 10th anniversary. There are four different designs inspired by our identity, location and the course of time since 2008.

  Artemide  lighting

Artemide lighting

Working across multiple disciplines on various projects, we required a flexible and comfortable workplace that incorporates collaborative spaces.  That's why we designed an open plan space for our new studio, with desks big enough for team-working and a media-screening room for group meetings and client presentations.  Also the dim lighting and black as one of the main colours of the studio make our office a quiet and calm workplace.

 Desk & meeting table by  Akaba , Francesc Rifé design

Desk & meeting table by Akaba, Francesc Rifé design

Definitely with this design we get a space that promotes creativity and team-working  where we feel comfortable and proudly represented by every detail.


TRIBUTE | Our highlights of Casa Decor 2018

Staying ahead of the latest tends is an essential for a designer. Just in that way our creativity and imagination run free to create projects based on design culture.

That's why this weekend our team travelled to Madrid to visit the biggest decoration and interior design exhibition in Spain: Casa Decor. This original event consists on a exhibition of more than 60 different spaces in a high patrimonial value building in the downtown area of Madrid. There brands, interior designers and visitors meet to enjoy the best designs and decoration.

Today we'll share with you the most relevant tends we found throughout the visit to Casa Decor and also highlight three spaces that we liked the most.

Most relevant trends in Casa Decor 2018

Over the course of the visit we could identify some trends that were repeated en different spaces in Casa Decor.

Art decó was definitely one of the main styles in the exhibition. We also detected details that remind us to the glam culture of the 60s and just as we could see, the oriental aesthetic in the interior design and decoration is reinforcing this year.


Analyzing the materials founded in the different spaces of Casa Decor, we highlight the use of "tesserae"; small tiles that create impressive mosaics in the walls and also for paving. Noble materials like stones and marble had also a big presence in this edition. And was also easy to find metallic golden details in lots of spaces of the exhibition.


As innovative decoration elements, we'll highlight the use of fringes and fabric as velvet and silk; founded in decoration elements, furniture and walls. Talking about walls, we also found spaces with decorative wall papers with basically tropical designs but also some kitsch wall papers.

COMB. tropical + teselas + flecos.jpg

We liked most of the spaces of Casa Decor but today we're sharing the three that for us had something special and added value that makes them highlight.

"Geometric boutique" by Marta Sánchez Zornoza

In the second floor we found this space, inspired in a luxurious hotel suite. The designer used geometry for walls, furniture and decoration objects to connect the different areas of the space. That makes really unified areas (bedroom, bathroom and dresser) that communicate within them in a coherent way. We can see how, for example, the bed head is also a mirror for the dresser area.

There is a predominantly reddish colour in the space, combined with brick red, white and also green due to the tropical vegetation.

VXLAB_casa_decor_2018_27 (10).jpg
VXLAB_casa_decor_2018_22 (10).jpg

"Reading corner - Schneider Electric Space" by Almudena Rebuelta Domeq

Also in the second floor we found one of the most sensorial spaces of Casa Decor. Natural materials, subtle textures but specially the design of this reading corner caught our attention because of the intelligent use of lighting.

In this space the lighting changes creating the effect of the passage of time during the day. It's an original way to use lighting as a element to communicate sensations. In this case, the lighting changes drives you to a relaxing situation where you could be at home reading a good book at night.

VXLAB_casa_decor_2018_22 (3).JPG

"Glossier" by Katty Schiebeck

And finally, we found a space that transports us to glam culture of the 60s with the freshness of that times.

The young designer presented a futuristic bathroom where the orangey colour, the transparencies, volumes and the reflections of the mirrors achieve a surround experience for the visitor. The use of  curtains and neon lighting complete the interior design of this space.

VXLAB_casa_decor_2018_18 (3).jpg
VXLAB_casa_decor_2018_18 (4).jpg

Basically it's a recommended visit to the ones of you that are interested on decoration and interior design trends. This edition of Casa Decor will be opened in Madrid until the 25th of March.

IMAGES: Casa Decor Madrid

VXLAB | We turn ten in our new studio!

2018 is a special year for all of us... We're celebrating our 10th anniversary! TEN YEARS. Definitely time flies when you do what you love.


All this time we've been expanding just as universe, growing strong as a team and increasing our services. That's why some weeks ago, we moved to a new and bigger studio in the city centre and finally this weekend, as tradition demands, we organised our Grand Opening.

Good music, tasty food and craft beer. That's the summary of the night. Thank you to all of those that joined us at the party and also thank you to the ones that have placed their trust in us during all these years.

We'll keep working hard to reinforce brand value and making business grow with the best designs.


VXLAB | German Design Awards Ceremony

February 9th was marked date in the calendar. We travelled to Frankfurt to attend at the German Design Award Ceremony and receive our recognition as "Excellent Communication Winners". 

The award ceremony took place in the context of the Ambiente fair in Messe Frankfurt and in spite of the cold, it was a great experience for us. First of all, we were welcomed at the VIP Lounge at the Forum, where the organisation gave to us the Winner Certificate. (just look at our proud faces!).

We really enjoyed the opening of the ceremony, with an amazing music show by the german DJ Efdemin (Phillip Sollmann). We also had the pleasure to witness the "Personality 2018 Award" being given to the design icon Jil Sander, German designer who we admire for his ability to always stay ahead of the times. 

After the prize-giving ceremony we could visit an interactive installation where all the Excellent Communication Winners where presented at the Museum Angewandte Kunst Design Space.

Finally, we got a few hours to do some serious sightseeing along Frankfurt, enjoy the views and eat good food. 


VXLAB | German Design Award Winners

Good news for the team! Our stand design for b10 has won the German Design Award in the category Fair and Exhibition. For us is an honour to be a part of this group of amazing designers.

Imagen Blog.jpg

Launched in 2012, the German Design Award is one of the most well-respected design competitions in the world and is held in high regard well beyond professional circles.

The German Design Award is the top international prize of the German Design Council. Its goal: to discover, present and honour unique design trends. Therefore, every year, top-quality entries from product and communication design are rewarded, all of which are in their own way ground-breaking in the international design landscape.

In the nomination process, panels of experts from the German Design Council invite only those products and communication design services to participate in the competition that demonstrably set themselves apart from their competitors thanks to their design quality. In each category of the German Design Award, the Winners are selected by a separate jury of experts.

Pruebas imagen BLOG (7).jpg

The winning stand design for b10 was inspired by the work of the Korean sculptor Do Ho Suh, the stand creates the fiction of a factory. Through a rod module system lately covered with fabric, the exterior walls sketch in the air the facade of an iconic factory. This system, died in the corporate indigo blue, contrasts with the clean white of the walls and floors inside.

Discover more details about the winning project: our stand design for b10.





VXLAB | German Design Awards Nomination

It's not easy to design a space that communicates and brings emotions to the consumer. But last Cevisama we designed a unique space inspired in the work of the Korean sculptor Do Ho Suh which represented the essence of b10 and it has its reward. We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for the German Design Award 2018 in the in Fair and Exhibition category.


The German Design Award is the premium international prize of the German Design Council and aims at discovering, presenting and awarding top-quality products and communication design that are in their own way ground-breaking in the international design landscape. The German Design Council is today one of the world’s leading competence centres for communication and knowledge transfer in design.

VALAB-nominee-GDA2018 2.jpg
VALAB-nominee-GDA2018 3.jpg
VALAB-nominee-GDA2018 4.jpg

This award sets the highest standards when it comes to selecting the prize-winners: in the nomination process, panels of experts from the German Design Council invite only those products and communication design services to participate in the competition that demonstrably set themselves apart from their competitors thanks to their design quality.

VALAB-nominee-GDA2018 5.jpg
VALAB-nominee-GDA2018 6.jpg

We still have to wait until the end of October when an international jury will select prize-winners, but for now, we are very honoured to be part of this amazing group of excellent designers.

VXLAB | Bringing design culture to Cersaie 2017

Brace yourselves, September is coming! Nowadays we are feeling the pressure as the deadline is getting closer. This is the time of the year when we are working at full speed for Cersaie. Just a few weeks before we start with the different set ups that we will be taking to fair, we are already finishing the execution projects of the stands, so that our clients can start the building process.

After weeks of sketching, preparing the spaces, executing plans and 3Ds, and more, we will see the long awaited final result in a few weeks. This year we have designed stands in which we have managed to develope unique spaces that represent the essence of each company. Thanks to the design and the communication of these spaces, costumer experience has been developed to improve and create the most favorable atmosphere for sales.

Besides the design of spaces, also for this fair we have created different promotional materials that are essential for stand out from the rest through innovative ideas and creative designs that display products coherently and also help achieving more sales. Through a careful study of materials and market analysis, we provided the best and most effective way to promote our clients’ products.

We are looking forward to the results. Meanwhile, we are happy to waite with good ice cream for beating the heat, we'll keep you informed.

VXLAB | Press: about how we reinforce brand value

Last week we had breakfast with this article about the studio in" El Levante de Castelló". In the local newspaper, they dedicate their back cover to the most outstanding business within the city. The press wanted to come to meet us and interview us to know more about our services and experience.

Almost ten years of history, it's still shocking for the older members of the studio. Time flies! In these years, we reinforced the value of the companies that have placed their trust in us. The headline of the article “El diseño total”, summarises our method of implementing design culture in the way companies do business.

The most memorable part of the interview was when we went outside to take the team photo. First, we had to choose the best spot to fit the group and then came the difficult part: choosing our poses, the awkward smiles, the blinking eyes... Thankfully, the result was fantastic! Ready to hit the runway.

If you want to read the full interview, you find the article here