TRIBUTE | Moooi Universe at Salone del Mobile 2015

You might remember that a couple of years ago we talked about Moooi, and we described their work as “beauty in madness”. And at this year’s Milan Salone del Mobile exposition, their work got madder and ‘beautier


This year expo has 21 different configurations along 1.700 m2, mixing surrealist photographs by Rahi Rezvani and surrealist-ish furniture decorations designed to shape the Moooi Universe. 

The exposition is divided between home ambiences and poetic compositions. The 9 home sets were though from a formal and practical point of view, the kind of place where you would live. Sitting, eating and playing spaces designed the Moooi way

Whereas the poetic spaces –haiku style, in words of Marcel Wanders, Moooi's Art Director– are thoughtfully designed to bring the harmony and the crazy touch to the collection. 

The 2015 Salone del Mobile was also a way to announce the creation of a new brand from the company: Moooi Carpets. It is kind of obvious, but Moooi Carpets is dedicated to design high quality, beautiful carpets. Made with an all new way of high quality printing, Moooi Carpets is a way to reinvent the carpet, giving the ability to design your own, and even retouching Mooi designs with up to 648 different colors to always find the perfect match for any kind of interior. 

The mix between Rahi Rezvani’s photos and Moooi furniture bring another aura to the exposition, it’s the best way to express their view on the human condition, mixing harmony and surrealism, beauty and madness. And it is more than ever, ‘The Unexpected Welcome’.

You can –and you should– check the exposition, like if you were there, thanks to a 360º interactive tour. Be sure to tell us if you liked it or not.