We understand DIALOGUE as the core of every design process, the first and most important step, the beginning of a new challenge. 

Just a wise conversation to activate the critical thinking, to design in a strategic business - oriented way and prepared to shock the viewer
after all, to make sure a new dialogue happens.

VXLAB’s main creative fields are the two mother disciplines of branding and architecture.
However, within these fields we deliver projects related with art direction, graphic and editorial design, ephemeral, product, interior design and all related disciplines. 

The agency was founded in 2007 in Castellón. Now it is formed by professionals from all design areas and beyond, including profiles as marketing specialists and multidisciplinary designers.

Visual identity
Strategic Design
Creative Marketing
Interior design
Ephemeral Architecture
Exhibition Design
Product Assistance
Editorial Design
User Experience
3D visuals & Photography


some of our clients

this is how we do it

VXLAB's design process starts understanding the needs of our customers. We can only deliver outstanding work if we take time talking and listening to our customer, preferably with a coffee in our hands. After long conversations in which we have achieved a detailed brief, we activate our critical thinking and our design process takes off.

Design culture is the main element we use to add value to all our work. Day by day we feed ourselves with the best influences and latest trends to offer the most innovative projects to our partners.

Collaborations with our clients last on time. We adapt and integrate our services into the internal structure of their companies, working as an external design department. One of our project managers is assigned to each client, who helps in the daily solution of problems and gives support and assistance. Our great team of designers work together with the project managers to offer the most effective solutions to our customers.


Differentiation in the current market is really important. Without a well-defined and differentiated brand strategy, companies are invisible in the cluttered marketplace. Our 360º vision is essential to establish a strong corporate identity.

Visual identity
Brand manual
Graphic design
Brand Guidelines
Campaigns & applications
Brand voice
Logos & iconography
Portfolio strategy
Customer experience
Work uniforms


An excellent communication is essential to be recognized in the market, is essential to reach your target and for establishing your business as a reference in the market. Using branded content and custom-made communication strategies it’s the only way real results can be obtained.

Art Direction
Creative design
Strategy design
Marketing strategy
Communication design
Business presentations templates
Design research
Magazines & brouchures
Flyer design
Signage design
Event deisgn
E-mail strategy


In an overcrowded market, it’s essential getting differentiated from the rest by innovative ideas and creative designs that present products coherently and also help achieving more sales. Through a careful study and market analysis, we provide the best and most effective way to promote the product.

Technical panels
Product displays
Promotional catalogues
Sales tools
Commercial designs
Binding & folders
Promotional campaign
3D visuals
Information graphics
Sales Catalogues
Promotions & Campaigns


Space communicates and brings emotions to the consumer. We achieve this through the design of unique spaces that represent the essence of the brand. Thanks to the design and the communication of these spaces, costumer experience can be improved and we can create the most favorable atmosphere for sales.

Epehemral architecture
Exhibition design
Stand design
Interior design
Interior environments
Set design
Store design
Shop in shops
Brand corners
Space planning
Construction documentation


Nowadays online presence is very important. If we overlook it, potential customers are constantly lost. Being present at the media is the most effective marketing tool. We take time to design the right digital content to increase online visibility for our customers.

User experience
Website design
Social Marketing
Social media contents
content strategy
App design
Social integration
content Management system


An appealing product is recognized by customers once their sales increase. Knowing final customer demands is being one step further to competitors. Our passion is to create product value for our customers with sale returns.

product design
product research
benchmark & product assessment
product development by world markets
range development
product innovation assistance
conceptual design